Arte Publico - Latins Anonymous: Plays

Nothing is sacred in the satire of Latins Anonymous. The hilarious Latino comedy theater company has toured the United States poking fun at all, from political ...

Chicanas/Latinas in American Theatre: A History of Performance

Elizabeth C. Ramírez's study reveals the traditions of Chicanas/Latinas in theatre and performance, showing how Latina/Latino theatre has evolved from its pre-Columbian, Spanish, and Mexican origins to its present prominence within American theatre history. This project on women in performance serves the need for scholarship on the contributions of underrepresented groups in American theatre and education, in cultural studies and the humanities, and in American and world history.

 La Voz Latina: Contemporary Plays and Performance Pieces  

Surveying the Latina theatre movement in the United States since the 1980s, La Voz Latina brings together

contemporary plays and performance pieces by innovative Latina playwrights. This rich collection of varying styles, forms, themes, and genres includes work by Yareli Arizmendi, Josefina Báez, The Colorado Sisters, Migdalia Cruz, Evelina Fernández, Cherríe Moraga, Carmen Pelaez, Carmen Rivera, Celia H. Rodríguez, Diane Rodriguez, and Milcha Sanchez-Scott, as well as commentary by Kathy Perkins and Caridad Svich on the present state of Latinas in theatre roles.

Creme de la Femme

Anthology of the best of contemporary women's humor will entertain you, sustain you, and provide hours of r

eading pleasure. Inside you'll find witticisms in many flavors: essays, short stories, poetry, songs, and cartoons - all from the pens of some of America's most popular and engaging female writers, actresses, authors, and activists.

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